Jan 08

Tim Mcgraw

"Truck Yah", "Last Dollar" and many other hits blasted him right up to the top.

He’s Tim McGraw and he’s all country. You can find his channel http://youtube.com/TimMcgraw . For more info google it.

Dec 12

3…2…1…minecraft mods! There is an awesome new mod I’ve discovered,

it adds mechs!  Seriously! Mechs awesome! there are many functions

and new tools for the mechs one of which is the diamond drill!

Dec 11

In minecraft it is smarter to build and then develop weapons or you will die!

The reason is at night monsters come out  and with out shelter they’ll get you.  

Dec 04

I`ve been looking at this game for a while now and now I want it!

The game is called Starmade and its about building ships and fighting

pirates and the latest update added splitting atoms and the pulse computer and pulse cannon some people are even calling it minecraft on crack, seriously come ON PEOPLE its cooler than that!

Nov 21

how to, minecraft

It all starts with punching wood, meep didn’t have time sorry.

brain fart

My best description of a brain fart hgilfhgkjsljhglsdghsfgnjkfhgkjdfhnsghhfghdsklghfildghkjdflghkfjdhgeksefhfhsdgjkhs

What’s yours?

Nov 20

I know of an amazing minecraft mod pack called yogcraft.

Also …,………… uh meep?

check out this song if you don’t know it “what does the fox say”.

Nov 13

I’m so excited I finally got the game WAR THUNDER!
War thunder is basically world of tanks and world of planes
combined. Along with that it has tech trees for the countries in
world war I and II, it’s amazing!

Nov 07

Minecraft in schools it’s finally happened and is being used
to help young students socially and getting them to work

Oct 17

G mod

A creative game with some crazy mods and based off of
half-life 2, an old game but back to G mod/Garry’s mod if you
want more info check youtube.